Are you interested in joining the Boulder Jung Seminar?  

We are happy to hear that you have an interest to study Jungian thought and theory in greater depth. Because the seminar is limited in size, so as to maintain a consistent, collegial and intimate learning environment, there limited slots available per year for new participants. We do not accept participants mid-year. However, if the seminar is full, we are happy to accept your application at any point during the year–and we will put you on our wait list for the upcoming 2018-2019 seminar year.  The Boulder Jung Seminar is an in-depth academic Jungian oriented study group that includes IRSJA training candidates, clinicians, and lay-persons who have an interest in Jung’s material. We read and discuss Jung’s Collected Works as well as integrate contemporary material from both post-Jungian and neo-Freudian leaders in the field of psychoanalysis. The seminar community is lively and engaging with assignments or in-class exercises that encourage self reflection.

The Boulder Jung Seminar is taught by the BAJA faculty with occasional special guests.  It is directed toward post-graduate level study for those in the helping professions. Specially interested and qualified applicants from other fields are also welcome to apply as a diversity in backgrounds adds depth and breadth to the study of C.G. Jung’s work. We believe the diversity adds to our study of Jungian philosophy and clinical theory.

While we are an affiliated IRSJA training seminar, our focus is on cultivating a community interested in studying the work of C.G. Jung. We welcome applications from individuals who are not interested in analytic training but instead wish to nourish their own professional work and philosophical connections to analytical psychology. Our program is designed to include and benefit participants who are interested primarily in their personal and professional growth, both with and without an interest in becoming a Jungian analyst. Each seminar will have some clinical content and focus. If this still sounds of interest, please consider the requirements below.


Applicants must be 30 years of age or older, and have, or be working toward, a graduate degree in their field of study. Applicants are expected to have a basic familiarity with Analytical Psychology, demonstrated through personal reading or regular attendance at public education programs and personal analysis. Please see the guidelines form below.

**In the past we have had a wait list and have had to turn away participants. Early application is advised for this year-long seminar. A $100.00 application fee is required for 2018-2019 seminar year. A $200. deposit holds your slot in the seminar if you are accepted. Please contact the seminar coordinator, Nora Swan-Foster, and she will answer your questions and put you in touch with the admissions committee. 

At the heart of training in depth psychology is one’s personal psychological work with the unconscious , so naturally, at the core of Jungian study is the personal analysis.  Applicants must have had at least 25 hours of prior Jungian analysis or Jungian-oriented psychotherapy and are required to be in some form of psychotherapy during the seminar year. While not required, participants are strongly encouraged to work in an on-going Jungian analysis with an IAAP analyst during their seminar participation. We believe personal analysis with a Jungian orientation will deepen your knowledge of Jung’s model and it is the only place where content and material from the unconscious, that is constellated by your participation in the seminar, can be properly considered and explored. Again, the Boulder Jung Seminar is respectful of the group process, but this is NOT a process group.

The application process (including re-application if you’ve participated in the past) includes an in-person interview with Elizabeth Retivov, who coordinates the seminar admissions with Laurel Howe. There will be a discussion that includes the details of the seminar as well as your goals and interests so as to determine if the seminar is a good fit. This interview is an opportunity to ask questions about the seminar and to establish clarity about expectations for your participation.

*Please note that should you be interested in joining the seminar, the faculty expects a commitment to participate for a full year of seminar classes and entering Jungian analysis or Jungian oriented psychotherapy is a requirement.

**If you were once a member of the seminar and now wish to rejoin, you need to go through the reapplication process. This is not an automatic admittance as there are several factors that the committee considers in the admissions process. Applications are also prioritized in the order in which they are received.


The submission deadline for application material is May 15th for September admission, but it is advisable that you submit your application as early as possible.

If you’re interested, download the Guidelines and Application form.


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To obtain more information feel free to contact Nora Swan-Foster, Seminar Coordinator, 303-440-4000.