A Seminar for the Study of Jungian Psychology


(Please note: Due to Covid-19 the seminar will take place on Zoom until it is safe enough to meet in person.)

Meeting on eight Saturdays per year, the Boulder Jung Seminar provides mental health clinicians and professionals in related fields with in-depth study of Jungian thought, framed within a contemporary perspective. The primary approaches to Jungian practice—classical, developmental and archetypal—are integrated within the curriculum.  The program also occasionally incorporates other psychoanalytic approaches, such as object relations theory, inter-subjective perspectives, attachment theory, self psychology, etc., which are relevant to Jungian practice today.

This program is recommended for individuals who

  • Want to study Jungian psychology in a warm, collegial atmosphere that encourages deep personal growth and experiential learning.
  • Would benefit from a stimulating learning environment with a faculty of Jungian Analysts and participants from varied professional, cultural and educational backgrounds.
  • Wish to pursue training to become a certified Jungian analyst or who would like to explore that possibility in a supportive atmosphere.
  • Are interested in in-depth Jungian study that is organized to accommodate full -time   employment and long distance commuting.

The seminar is designed for participants who want to focus upon their personal and professional development, regardless of whether they wish to train as a Jungian analyst. An interest in Jungian analytic training is not necessary to benefit fully. While we currently have three IRSJA training candidates, the analysts are pleased to have a diverse group of participants within the seminar. The model focuses on the cultivation of a Jungian study community for those interested in Jung’s ideas and analytical psychology.

At this point the seminar does not offer formal CE’s. (Please note: since this educational program will fulfill many of the Professional Development Activities or PDA’s for some Colorado therapists, a certificate of attendance will be provided.)



A rich mixture of dream interpretation, psychoanalytic theory, mythology, fairy tales and the study of literature and the arts informs our curriculum.  Courses include the history and fundamentals of Jungian theory as well as new developments by post-Jungian analysts. The following is a partial list of topics to be covered in the course of a three year rotating curriculum:

  • Jung’s Map of the Psyche: The World Within and the World Without
  • The Individuation Process
  • Levels of the Psyche According to Jung: Personal, Cultural, Collective
  • The Shadow: Themes and Variations
  • The Religious Function of the Psyche
  • Dream interpretation
  • Typology: Attitudes and Functions
  • Psyche and Soma: the Body/Mind Relationship in Analytic Work
  • Anima/Animus: The Inner Masculine and Feminine
  • A Jungian Approach to Trauma: the Defenses of the Self
  • Alchemy and Jung
  • Archetypal Patterns: Use of Fairytales and Myths in Psychotherapy
  • Listening With the Third Ear: Associations and Amplifications
  • Projection: Transference and Countertransference
  • The Self: Central Archetype of Wholeness and Totality
  • Active Imagination and Healing Through Creativity
  • The Psychology of Fairy Tales: Meaning in Modern Life
  • The Nature Archetype and the Environment

Samples of Previous Syllabi

Fall 2013     Spring 2014

Fall 2014     Spring 2015

Fall and Spring 2015-2016

Fall and Spring 2016-2017

Fall and Spring 2017-2018

Fall and Spring 2018-2019

Brief Syllabus_2019-2020


The seminar meets for eight Saturdays per year, usually the second Saturday of the month, from September to May, with no meeting in January. Classes are held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with a break for lunch from 12:30-1:30. The seminar will include a reading section on Jung’s Collected Works that corresponds to the seminar’s content of that day.

Saturday Seminar Tuition (2020-2021)

The seminar tuition is $1400 per year, due by August 1st.  If you require a payment plan, you can request an arrangement to pay $700 on August 1st and the remaining $700 on December 1st.

To hold your spot in the seminar, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required before or by July 1st.  Because space is limited, we recommend applying as early as possible, however, please know this does not guarantee that a opening will become available.

A minimum commitment of one year (eight Saturdays) is necessary to enroll in the seminar. We do not accept new participants mid-year.

Case Colloquium: Sunday Group Consultation for IRSJA Training Candidates and Interested Mental Health Clinicians

The Case Colloquium is for clinicians who wish to deepen the application of Analytical psychology in their private practices.While the afternoon is required for IRSJA Training Candidates, it is also open to mental health practitioners who are enrolled in the Boulder seminar. The colloquium is limited to six participants.

This portion of the program allows psychotherapists to ground their theoretical learning by applying it to their clinical practices. Case presentations and theoretical discussions will take place. Senior Jungian Analysts, who are members of the IRSJA and are licensed professionals, will serve as instructors and will be drawn from distinguished visiting faculty as well as local BAJA faculty. On occasion the seminar will have special guests as part of the program.

Schedule: These eight sessions will take place on Sunday morning from 9:00-noon following the Saturday seminar.

On rare occasions, due to circumstances outside our control, it may be necessary to substitute a program or instructor for one that has been scheduled.  We will give as much notice of this as possible. We also reserve the right to cancel programs if registration is insufficient. 

Sunday Tuition:  The Sunday clinical colloquium has a fee for the full year dependent on the number of participants. Participants are required to commit for the full year. Please contact the seminar coordinator if you are interested or have questions.

Seminar Handbook is available for further information about the seminar and local training requirements. Please note this handbook will be updated and edited periodically to maintain current standards and policies.

Are you interested in learning more about registering for the seminar? Please go to the following page for further information and application materials.

Admission Requirements  The seminar is no longer taking applications. Thank you for your interest. 

The submission for application material is July 1st for September admission.  

To obtain more information about the seminar, please contact: Stephen Foster who is serving as the temporary seminar coordinator.



Boulder Association of Jungian Analysts ~ C/O Stephen Foster 1634 Walnut Street Suite 221,  Boulder, Colorado 80302





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